Website to track your NEPSE portfolio for free has been user's one of the favorite free nepse portfolio tracker for NEPSE investors and traders which focuses on providing comprehensive statistics, profit estimation, selling price calculation, and weighted average cost of capital (WACC) estimation.

Here are the key features of the NepseFolio:
  1. Adding your transactions manually or Importing transactions from Meroshare or other CSVs
  2. Getting all of statistics of your holdings and share transactions.
  3. Estimating the profit of your holdings using our estimation tool
  4. Finding your selling price for your stocks based on your targeted profit
  5. Estimating the WACC of your holdings before averaging your stocks
  6. Adding stocks to the your Watchlists and in your planlists.
  7. And many more
How to Get Started with NepseFolio:

  • Sign Up: Visit the signup page and create your free account.
  • Set Up Your Portfolio: Enter your investment details to start tracking.
  • Monitor and Optimize: Use the platform to monitor your investments and make informed decisions.

  • Watch the tutorial of all the features of, best nepse portfolio tracker

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